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Rating - 5 out of 5 STARS. I'm giving this site a high rating because it does what few other bodybuilder sites do: it brings you the hunks in sex action (including cum shots) as well as in poses and costume. Not only does it do that but it does it with quality in mind: excellent photography, good quality videos and an easy to navigate, well thought out and nicely designed site. But most importantly it gives you what it promises you on the tour. An excellent site for us who like to see our musclemen enjoying gay and solo sex. BEST IN CLASS. 5 STARS

Ranking: 9.5 / 10 STARS If I had to use just one word to describe what this site is about it would be MUSCLES! And with two words, I would add male muscles. Aside from solo nudity, male nude wrestling, and some male masturbation, the general absence of any overt couple sexuality makes this site one which may be of interest to anyone who loves watching muscular guys (I mean really muscular) posing topless and nude for a camera. Muscle Worship is one of the top niches serviced here and video is the format most of the content is delivered through. For many such aficionados, the name Mark Wolff is not new by any means. But for those who have yet to discover this chunk of a hunk, rippled from head to toe, Mark is in a class of his own when it comes to hot male muscle models.

Scoring: 91 out of 100 points. markwolff.com is a showcase of men of muscle. If you have a fetish with abs of steel, Biceps, Triceps, the bigger the better, this site is for you. Mark Wolff is a gorgeous specimen of man. The men on this site are what make fantasies come true. You can easily navigate through the site you just click on who you want to see and there you go! No added pages go directly to who turns you on and the owner of the site is one of those types of men. The site is updated weekly like it claims so your not missing anything. You just want to keep cumming back and back, never know what hot body will show up to make your fantasies come true.

Ranking 90 out of 100. The video collection is updated weekly and features an excellent assortment of over 150 muscle and athletic men in solo jack off, and wrestling. The members area is neatly organized and well thought out. There are over 25 Full Length Videos ranging from an hour to over 150 minutes each and depicting toned musclemen posing in a variety of situations. The videos are FLV formatted for streaming or downloading and the quality is top shelf with a large 720x480 screen size. The Wolffpac Men Solo Models spotlight about 75 episodes of solo and group male models posing and jerking themselves off. The guys are all buffed tanned and sport large woodies which they take as good care of, as their firm bodies. This site does not waste your time with needless distractions and keeps to the on-topic content all the way. For the quality and uniqueness of the site content, markwolff.com is totally classy and definitely a great buy for the dollar!

Rating: 8.5/10 - adultreviews.com Mark Wolff productions knows exactly what muscle lovers are looking for, and he does a good job at providing the type of guys that are going to haunt your dreams for much longer than the time you take watching the videos. The updates hit about once a week, although the weekly updates switch between different sections so you might have to take some time to find the latest update. Mark Wolff is a master in the muscle worship niche, and you have got to get yourself a membership if you love these types of men. The content is professional, the guys are beefcakes to the max, and you get plenty of updates.

78.6/100 BEST IN NICHE If you want good looking guys with all around perfect bodies, then by all means, stick around and ye' shall find! I was very impressed with the overall quality of guys on this site! Not a weak looking face or body on any page, no matter how hard you try to find someones weakness! Mean, lean, machines all within your reach of prospects. I have to say I was pretty amazed at the quality of content this site had to offer. These are real men and real acting men at every reachable turn. As AT&T said, just reach out and touch someone, but damn it to hell that you really can't. There is nothing sweet and soft about this site, these guys are tough and rough riders and no pansies allowed. Not for the faint of heart. So if you're looking for lilacs and roses to be delivered before love making...let's just say, it's not going to happen. Some of these guys get so riled up they punch the locker room doors in anger before they wrestle and jack off. That may turn you on before the action itself occurs, oh my! There is lot's of hot solo action going on inside as well, which makes you wonder if these guys are just jacking off for the pay regardless of what sex looks at them for pleasure. I will say this site has quality over quantity and I for one can appreciate that. You won't be disappointed with the models within this site. One of the best i have reviewed in the erotic Muscle and fitness model niche!

Rating: 76 out of 100. The photo section of markwolff.com is dedicated to a collection of at least 138 galleries. Most images are high-res if you take the time to double click within the slide show frames. You'll see shots of wrestling, magazine layouts, Nubreed production spreads and some of Mark's personal photos. Mark himself is featured in many of the pictures, but other similarly massive muscle guys, as marvelously well hung as the site's main star, also appear in the mainly solo but occasionally racier scenes. Realistically, Mark et al. would break me in two in no time flat, so it's better that they battle it out between themselves, glistening in oil and wearing jockstraps, wrestling uniforms or nothing but a smile, towering over miles of rock-hard muscles, perfectly cut abs and monstrous thighs. Other content includes links to live chat and around 100 extra sets of videos and photos in a variety of categories. The standard-priced membership seems worthwhile to someone who likes Mark Wolff and other big muscle dudes, but who can appreciate photography as much as videos.

Rating: 78 out of 100. Muscle god Mark Wolff brings together a band of equally buffed studs for dozens of hours of oiling up, rasslin', posing -- and sex! $24.95 USD Muscle worshippers who long to see their favourite physique models in steamy erotic videos are going to love this site. markwolff.com has assembled a hefty selection of prime beef. So sit back and get off to the results of all those countless hours in the gym.

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